Welcome to NECGA

NECGA is a group of individuals who share a common interest in all things Carnival Glass. Members come from throughout New England as well as other states and Canada.

NECGA's primary goal is to share information about Carnival Glass through meetings, conventions, auctions and seminars. Mostly we have fun.

The club hosts 5 Meetings a year and one annual Convention. Along with our annual convention, we host one of the largest Carnival Glass auctions in New England. This auction is always open to the public. Also, the club sends out 5 newsletters each year to its members.

The Carnival Glass Links page includes hyperlinks to national auctioneers who specialize in Carnival Glass, Carnival Glass clubs, and other informative resources. Here you will also find a link to a great calendar of national Carnival Glass auctions and events.

If you are interested in joining NECGA or want to ask a question, please see Club Information for our membership form or just email us @ newenglandcarnivalglass@gmail.com

Latest News/Updates

April 12, 2021 -  Meeting Dates for 2021 have been decided.  They are June 27, August 8, October 17 and December 5.  Also, the meetings will now have a start time of 10:00 am.  For more details, visit the Meetings page.

January 11, 2021 - Election votes have been tallied and results are as follows. All officers remain the same. New Board of Directors: Norm Spicher and David Noyes. Thank you Emile Seymour and Joanne Andrews for your past service as directors.

You can now pay your membership by PayPal. Go to the Club Information page to learn how.

NECGA on Social Media

NECGA has a Facebook page, a great way to share information about our club and Carnival Glass.
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